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Types of Orthodontic Treatments Available

Orthodontics. While this dental treatment makes smiles look attractive, the real reason behind wearing braces is good oral health. At Northshore Dental Associates in North Muskegon, Dr. Monica Lakatos and Dr. Michelle Matheson offer the latest in orthodontic care, helping children, teens and adults have bright, functional smiles that look really great.

Details on orthodontics

The best smile is a well-aligned one: upper and lower jaws come together in a balanced way, and teeth are spaced properly (no gaps or crowding). However, Nature doesn't always provide perfect teeth and gums. A smile can be unattractive because of tooth rotation, protruding front teeth or a pronounced underbite. A smile can be unhealthy because it's difficult to clean and prone to gum problems. Or, the person may suffer jaw joint pain, headaches and other discomforts because his or her smile is crooked.

The sharp eye of a trained dentist spots orthodontic issues even before they develop. In North Muskegon, the orthodontics experts are Dr. Lakatos and Dr. Matheson. They offer the latest in orthodontic diagnostics and the appliances your child (or you) need for optimal oral health and smile appearance.

Types of orthodontic treatments

Each treatment plan at Northshore Dental Associates is individualized according to patient need. The doctors offer traditional metal braces, with their brackets, wires and ligatures, and also ceramic braces.

Additionally, the team at Northshore Dental Associates offers teens and adults Invisalign clear aligners. These invisible acrylic appliances are completely removable and discreet, yet they can move teeth into optimal positions in half the time conventional braces take.

Finally, whatever your treatment options, you'll likely wear a retainer when you complete your care plan. Retainers hold your newly re-positioned smile in place, avoiding unnecessary and disappointing orthodontic relapse.

A new smile

Orthodontic treatment helps millions of Americans, and in fact, a full 20 percent of people wearing braces are adults, says the American Association of Orthodontists. If you'd like to show off a beautiful smile, please contact Northshore Dental Associates for a personal consultation with Dr. Lakatos or Dr. Matheson. Their motto is "Healthy mouth. Happy life." Call the office team at (231) 744-6100.

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